IT Apprenticeship tracks


IT Apprenticeship tracks
  • IT Generalist (Principles of Information Technology)
  • Project Management
  • Information Assurance & Security
  • Help Desk, User and Customer Support
  • Network, Telecom, Wireless and Mobility Infrastructure
  • Database and Applications
  • Web Design Generalist (HTML, CSS, Design Applications)
  • Web Development Generalist (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Applications)
  • Web Software and Application Development (Java Technologies, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl)
  • Digital Media and Visualization
  • Compliance and Legal Aspects
  • Risk Management Security and Info Assurance
  • Enterprise Personnel Security and Continuity
  • Enterprise Physical Security
  • Enterprise Cyber and Information Security
  • Enterprise Crisis Management Security
  • Enterprise Investigative Security
  • Enterprise Case Management Security
  • Enterprise Globalization and Cultural Security
  • Enterprise Governance Security
  • Enterprise Banking and Finance Security
  • Enterprise Engineering and Design Security
  • Government Services Security
  • Enterprise Hospitality and Entertainment Security
  • Enterprise Health Care Security
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Security
  • Enterprise Services Sales Equipment Security
  • Enterprise Transportation Security
  • Enterprise Utilities Security
  • Health Industry Generalist
  • Healthcare Delivery Generalist
  • Health Information Generalist
  • Health Industry Ethics Generalist
  • Healthcare Laws and Regulations Generalist
  • Healthcare Worker Health and Safety Generalist
  • Health Information Literacy and Skills Generalist
  • Health Informatics Generalist
  • Privacy and Confidentiality of Health Information Generalist
  • Health Information Data Technical Security Generalist
  • Geospatial Positioning and Data Acquisition
  • Geospatial Analysis and Modeling
  • Geospatial Software and Application Development
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process Design and Development
  • Advanced Manufacturing Production
  • Advanced Manufacturing Maintenance Installation and Repair
  • Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Logistics
  • Advanced Manufacturing Quality Assurance Continuous Improvement
  • Advanced Manufacturing Sustainable & Green Manufacturing
  • Advanced Manufacturing Health and Safety Security and Environment
  • Automation Generalist
  • Automation Measurement, Sensors, and Actuation Generalist
  • Automation Control Generalist
  • Automation Communication Integration, and Software
  • Automation System Safety and Reliability
  • Automation Control Systems and Cyber-security

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