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PTSD has profound effects on physical and emotional health and social functioning!: "Opined directly CTS (aka PTSD) the VA is both ignorant and Evil." As well, "Hippocratic Oath:"First do no harm." - Right!!

Job Search and Interviewing Tips

Job Search Tips
1) When using the above links search on your 
certifications, like A+, Net+, MCITP or CompTIA.

2) Use Job Placement services.

3) Network, network, network.

4) Go to Job Fairs

5) Don't limit yourself to a specific city or region 
(unless you have no other choice)

6) Apply for entry-level, then work (hard) to progress

7) Seek out an internship. Do free work on the weekend to gain experience and get a reference/referral.

8) Start your own business

Interviewing Tips
1) Plan Ahead - Do some research on the company and the job being offered. Find out if you know someone that is working there. Look into who you are interviewing with (LinkedIn).
2) Role Play - Practice interviewing with someone you trust and respect. Work on complete answers that are brief and to the point.
3) Behavioral and Situational - Two typical interview question strategies that ask you to describe situations that you have been in that demonstrate behavior. For example, describe a time when you needed to work unde…

Deciding to work in the IT industry is an exceptionally good choice.

Deciding to work in the IT industry is an exceptionally good choice. Getting an IT certification can help you get started and get ahead in your career. The CompTIA IT Certification Roadmap can make navigating the world of certifications a little easier. * See salary averages for various IT jobs

Download Full
Roadmap PDF  SELECT A CAREER:Information Security Network and Cloud Technologies Hardware, Services and Infrastructure

CAREEREALISM - Resume Trends - Career Decoder Quiz For Recruiters For Job Seekers

Military Network, Ltd.
As an effective needs based solution, helping Veterans (and spouses)  optimize their potential while building a fulfilling and successful career. If your goal is to secure a job, enhance your existing career, start or develop a business, Military Network is here to assist!

Resume Writing Trends
If you want to write a resume that will help you stand out,  you should pay attention to these tips: 1. Social Resumes If you are serious about landing a job in 2013, then you’ll have to realize that resumes are no longer static pieces of paper. One of the most important changes in 2013 is the sociability of resumes. Resumes are becoming living entities online. Social media has changed the way hiring managers and prospective employees communicate. You can now get direct access to the people in power much more easily. Prospective employees have the opportunity to interact with, and sometimes befriend, hiring managers before applying for a position. Companies are increasingly li…