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Welcome to the Registered Apprenticeship Community of Practice

The 21st Century Registered Apprenticeship Community of Practice is an online resource for stakeholders from throughout the Registered Apprenticeship system and its partners to share information and learn from your peers regarding the innovative strategies and partnerships being used to train U.S. workers. Registered Apprenticeship is a key component of our nation’s efforts to prepare American workers for successful, sustainable careers. This Community of Practice covers all things Registered Apprenticeship in industries ranging from the traditional, such as Construction and Manufacturing, to non-traditional industries using the “earn while you learn” model to train workers, including Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Transportation, and other growing industries.

This online community is dedicated to 21st Century Registered Apprenticeship and its members and partners…

Veteran Employment/Training/Support

Eric Wright is a Military Veteran; Co-founder of Vets2PM; an experienced, credentialed project manager/mentor; and an entertaining instructor/public speaker on project management, PMI’s PMP and CAPM exams, and on project manager development. He helps Military Veterans become Project Managers through inspiration, training, preparation, and presentation to the PM hiring community.

Veteran unemployment remains high while millions of project management positions go unfilled each year, even though a majority of Veterans have project management experience and skills.
This creates less spending in the economy, an unemployment bill of $1B for the Pentagon, and a large population of unemployed/underemployed Veterans struggling with feelings of isolation and low self-esteem. This is unsustainable and unnecessary!

At, we use our proven 4-step process to Inspire Veterans about project management, Train them for it, Prepare them for it, and then Present them to employers th…

Veteran I.T. Training, Apprenticeship & Consultancy

Military Network

- Veteran I.T. Training, Apprenticeship & Consultancy

Specifically, as applicable to apprenticeship, recruitment and sourcing of veterans interested in and pursing, I.T. training, certification and apprenticeship roughly 8+ years. If veteran has an interest in employment or change of employer, successful placement by means of networking veterans with applicable job boards, HR managers, Recruiters and Staffing companies. Offer assistance to veterans on how to fine tune their skills with processes of interviewing techniques, proper development of their resume, networking, etc.

 *  Veteran Centric - IT Training, Certification and Apprenticeship Programs
⦁    25+ years IT Training and Certification Industry (B2B and B2C); sourcing of veterans interested in and pursing I.T. training and certification
⦁    Includes Government Agencies, Private Sector, Fortune 500 / 100 Companies, County, City, Military
⦁    Nationwide exposure with Corporations, Military National Guard …