Military Network
Established as a 'Professional Society of Warriors’ l Grown in membership to 25,000 plus.

Our fraternity / society:  
Seek advantages for our members - better their lives, fortunes and reputations. Seek advantages for our company members - to better their lives, fortunes and reputations.  

Professional Society of Warriors

Aligning veterans and their families with training programs to produce a clear pathway into and through career and technical educational programs which lead to life-sustaining jobs.
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We accomplish our mission to actively bring our services to businesses, peers, associates  and acquaintances, who have needs and opportunities uniquely available to our warrior’s in five primary areas:  

- Career Transition Training Program  
- Employment Program  
- Promotions  & Marketing Program 
- Social and Health Referral Program 
- Education & Training Program   

Our Vision 
Remains steadfast - Mentor companion warriors towards realizing their dreams.  

Our Mission
Actively bring our services to business, peers, associates & acquaintances, who have needs and opportunities  uniquely available to our warrior’s.   

Our Goals 

1.  Explore for and find solutions to Education and  Employability of our Warrior’s, 

2.  Enter into business with organizations to meet our common goals and  to ensure a win/win/win occurs for everyone involved.  

3.  Ensure all Military Network Ltd., members live,  display, defend & honor our warrior’s creed of honesty, integrity, courage, determination, loyalty, pride  & faith. 


Whether your current goal is to secure a job, enhance your existing career, or to start or develop a business, we are here to help you achieve your goals. 
As the global economy moves more towards a service-oriented, information exchange-based model, we are becoming ever more dependent on high tech solutions.
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