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Veterans Can Receive Secondary VA Disability

Veterans Can Receive Secondary VA Disability for Alcohol or Drug AddictionBy VNN on May 27, 2010 For VA claims purposes, there are 3 possible categories of disabilities involving alcohol or drug abuse. (Pay particular attention to the difference between "PRIMARY" and "SECONDARY" DISABILITIES): Current Rules Concerning Service-Connected Disability and DIC claims involving "Alcoholism" and "Drug Addiction" are as follows:
The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA 1990) erected a partial bar to benefits where "alcoholism" or a "drug abuse" disability is involved.  For claims filed after October 31, 1990, OBRA 1990 provides that an injury or disease that is a result of alcohol or drugs is not considered to have occurred in the "line of duty"… OBRA 1990 also specifies that the VA may not pay compensation for disabilities that are "a result the person's own abuse of alcohol or drugsis not considered to …