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Community-Based Job Training Grants

$11B of Good Intentions?

Community-Based Job Training Grants....
        High-Growth Job Training Initiative.... $11 Billion for the Employment and Training Administration to strengthen his commitment to leaving no worker behind.  NITAS: $10M....where did the program go?

American Apprenticeship Grants awarded by department represents the single largest investment to date to expand U.S. apprenticeships...


U.S. Department of LaborOffice of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services Office

NITAS is a national IT workforce development program for companies of any size. NITAS, developed by the IT Community and the U.S. Department of Labor ensures American Industries and its IT workforce maintain global competitive advantage through rapid adaptation to technological innovation, consistently high productivity of IT workers and utilization of superior training and development approaches.

The U.S. Department of Labor awarded $175 million to 46 applicants through its American Apprenticeship grant competition on September 9, 2015.

The winning grantees have pledged to train and hire more than 34,000 new apprentices in industries as diverse as healthcare, IT, and advanced manufacturing over the next five years.
The $175 million American Apprenticeship Grants awarded by department represents the single largest investment to date to expand U.S. apprenticeships and m…

Workforce Role of Registered Apprenticeship Provider

Educators and Trainers “Registered Training Provider” is enhanced with a Workforce Role of “Registered Apprenticeship Provider”
The NAS - IT distribution model consists of a channel of “Consultants” comprising of professional training organizations and community colleges. These consultants have extended their business model and/or mission to not only educate and certify IT students, but to program manage the skills validation component of their education in the workplace. As program managers, they work with a NAS - IT employer, (Sponsor) to identify the apprentice needs of the sponsor, train coaches or mentors who validate apprentice skills, and monitor and report to the sponsor on apprentice progress on completing a NAS - IT skills concentration.
The deployment of this distribution model provides an “end to end” approach to educating, delivering, and validating an individual’s value contribution to the employer. In the model, the traditional Workforce role of “Register…

National Information Technology Apprenticeship System

Apprenticeship in IT

Apprenticeship has long been established as an effective methodology for training and developing employees in the “construction trades” such as plumbing, electrical, sheet metal, etc.  Recently the apprenticeship concept has been introduced to the IT industry.  Through two consecutive grants from the DOL, CompTIA performed the research and development necessary to create a 21st century apprenticeship system that ultimately became NITAS.

According to the June 2003 Report to Congress titled “Education and Training for the Information Workforce” employers seek workers who possess a specific combination of technical skills and experience, often coupled with a college degree, personal skills, and business or industry knowledge.Therefore, the IT professional needs to be a well-rounded employee with technical knowledge and skills along with business and communication skills.  The National IT Apprenticeship System (NITAS) is a ready-made apprenticeship syste…

Employer Resources - National Apprenticeship System

In the case of NITAS, the IT Community developed for DOL approval a set of National Guideline Standards that individual employers/companies can adopt as their IT apprenticeship program. Register as a NAS Employer and Fulfill the DOL Apprenticeship Requirements on your behalf.

Registration as a Sponsor commits the employer to following the On The Job Learning outlines, related instruction, assurances and certifications that NAS will develop for all parties to the apprenticeship program.  When/if the employer agrees to DOL registration, NAS can act as the employers agent in submitting the registration request and appropriate information to DOL.  NAS can also act as the employer’s agent in notifying DOL of any modifications to the their Standards.  On matters of program content and training, it would be appropriate for NITAS to review and approve or reject those changes.

In each  case, the employer is responsible for the operation of the program and maintenance of t…

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