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Training, Certification and Placement

IT and related industries experiencing rapid growth rate of 9,000 jobs EACH MONTH, expected through 2016. Influencing factors: economy, military reduction and retirement of the 'Baby Boomer Era'- - Project Management Professional, (PMP®) AVERAGE $109,405,

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Training, Certification and Placement -

The computer systems design and related services industry: Experiencing rapid growth of  of 9,000 jobs, each month, expected to last through 2016 - - - READY FOR A CHANGE?

Transitioning from Active Duty, RIF, Downsizing? Information Technology Training –Project Management Training, Certification, Placement and Resume all-inclusive with a particular program  - Please let me know if you are interested - Interested? E-mail:

9,000 jobs, each month, expected to last through 2016!

 - -      Are you or someone you know looking to get into IT, Project Management, looking for employment and are a veteran? Please have them contact …