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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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Documentary - State of the VAMC - How many more veterans need to die??????

Bob CollinsSenior Videographer/Photographer-Talking Parrot Productions

A Documentary on the State of the VAMCIts documented that every day 20 veterans commit many more need to die until we get them the medical care they need. We're researching the need for a documentary showing the hardships, and difficulty's that face our wounded comrades every day.

Tell Bob your story....lets get this number to 0.

Please send all email to: :
Need 1,000 vets interested in doing documentary on VAMC!!!!!
Tell us your stories!!

City in the desert-Told of a city of Vets and families in the TX or /AZ desert,,,anyone know about this let me know!!!! Comment(7)
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Deric Hollings As though 20 Veteran suicides per day is not alarming enough, I am curious about the source of this statistic. The last statistic I heard was approximately 22 completed suicides per day (…