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Michael J. Perry U.S.A.F. Ret., President, Military Network

Michael J. Perry U.S.A.F. Ret., Military Network  & Reverend at Military Network Ministries & Co-Founder &  President  at  Military Network, Limited

Michael Perry - Summary Bio - Military, Business and Personal
Federal Police, Military Police For Nuclear Forces Space Systems, Launch Controller & Command Control, Military Operations, Airborne and Missile Nuclear Command Control Systems, IT Security, Unix Systems and Networks Wifi & Wimax Implementations Self-Owned / Developed Businesses Overseas Contract, Management Staffing Agency, Military  Network Ltd, Director Contracts at   ASK Staffing, Inc, Human Resources & Staffing - Management oversight, Specialized in IT, IT Security Contracts and Positions, Chief Technology & Security Officer at  ATAC wireless Market Entry Strategist | Periodic Business Development International Advisor, Member American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt;Co Creator & Chief Technology Officer at INTRANET {prime Inc. Creator & Pres…

Sensing that they are victimized by a social engineering deception

The Need of Security Awareness and Education

While reading about these social engineering tricks, you might think: Why would a cyber criminal waste time attempting to come up with a sophisticated high-tech scam when he knows that the same result (and even such that surpasses his boldest expectations) can be achieved with a much simpler offline swindle?
Presumably, the weakest links in the chain of cyber security is not technological – it is human. And human beings are susceptible to psychological manipulation. Social engineering is not a new occurrence. It has been around under one form or another since the beginning of time (Top 14 Financial Frauds of All Time).

Common scams necessitate the existence of common mistakes. More attention is paid on security infrastructure instead of people, and that is the biggest mistake. As the managing principal research consultant of Accuvant LABS R&D team, Shawn Moyer, attests: “A lot of defenders still think in terms of an attacker …

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