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Syracuse runs a FREE program through a grant it received.

If you are seeking IT certificates,  Syracuse runs a FREE program through a grant it received. 

They will pay for you to take 1 exam and you can take as many classes as possible.

Additional resources to assist you in preparing for these exams can be found through Military One Source on the MWR Library -,  MWR library

You might want to check with your education center to see what would be available to you through TA.

(GI Bill will cover cot for exams)

If you are considering remaining in the military, cyber is up and coming. You might be able to get the military to pay for your training.

Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act of 2015 $5,000 for the training of a qualified individual in a qualified apprenticeship prog...

Military Network Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act of 2015   Amends the Internal Revenue Code to allow employers a business-related tax credit for up to $5,000 for the training of a qualified individual in a qualified apprenticeship prog...

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DVOP at New York State Department of Labor
Recently I was contacted by an individual who wanted to help me improve my financial situation. They had a Linkedin photo of themselves sitting on a 1970’s pattern couch wearing a T-shirt with what appeared to be their son.  The photo had a haze that screamed 1980’s era photo and the back drop also looked like the 1980’s paneling used in house trailers of the time.    I guess by now you are seeing the mismatch.  Maybe it was a scam or maybe it was someone who thought a 30 year old photo was a better sell for them; to tell you the truth, I will never know.    It got me thinking about how many will never get known by a perspective employer because of the photo (or lack of) they are using as their profile image.
Appearance is 55% of the Personal Sale The importance of image is nothing new.  In 1967 UCLA Professor Emeritus of Psychology Albert Mehrabian conducted a famous communication experiment that compared the resu…

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Military-Civilian? Short Description Connecting military veterans and their spouses that are looking for work with civilian company's. +Military-civilian
Long Description Military-Civilian, founded by Lucy Jensen, works to connect companies looking to fill their open positions with military veterans and their spouses looking for civilian careers.
General Information We are not merely a job board or a recruiting service: we are dedicated to providing proactive assistance for veterans and their families with their transition back into the civilian workplace.

We offer a personalized service to make sure companies can reach out to this audience of exiting military professionals, their spouses and dependents, DoD employees and contractors, retirees, National Guard active/inactive and veterans that have left the military and are already in the civilian workforce looking to advance their careers.
Mission To bring quality trained ex-military candidates together with solid companies to fil…
Teach Safety/Homeland  Security Awareness
We are seeking candidates for the following areas NC, SC and VA only at this time.Veterans Needed to Teach Safety and Homeland Security Awareness
•Wisdom Warrior’s primary goal is to build knowledge about homeland safety and security. Experienced veterans who have served and are passionate about continuing a mission of freedom fighting will teach this program utilizing a power point presentation developed and updated by Wisdom Warriors. TRAP (Terrorist Recruitment Awareness Program) covers today’s issues regarding radical groups who prey among Americans for purposes of disruption. We would like to provide this awareness in schools, work places, public and private venues.•Opportunity opened for all veterans who are self-motivated and believe in continuing a mission of homeland safety and security. •Veterans will be contractors of Wisdom Warriors and will conduct presentations as well as market the presentations to venues. •These contract p…
Burden of Freedom @BurdenoFreedom PLZ… HelpUsHelpThem! PTSD+HOMELESSNESS+PHYSICALWOUNDS+DEATHfromWAR…

Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act of 2015 Amends the Internal Revenue Code to allow employers a business-related tax credit for up to $5,000 for the training of a qualified individual in a qualified apprenticeship program. Defines a "qualified individual" as an individual who: (1) is an apprentice participating in a qualified apprenticeship program, (2) has been employed in such a program for a period of at least seven months that ends within the taxable year, and (3) is not a highly compensated employee or a seasonal worker.
Defines a "qualified apprenticeship program" as a program that: (1) provides qualified individuals with on-the-job training and instruction for a qualified occupation (i.e., a skilled trade occupation in a high-demand mechanical, technical, health care, or technology field); (2) is registered with the Office of Apprenticeship of the Department of Labor; and (3) maintains records relating to the qualified individual.

Allows a…
Interested in starting a career in information technology (IT)?Already have IT experience, but want to take it to the next level?Acelerated Learning Programs!   A VA-sponsored accelerated learning program (ALP) may be right for you!As a transitioning Servicemember or Veteran, you are eligible to participate in an ALP in IT at no cost, without using your GI Bill® benefits.  ALPs help you quickly gain the skills and certifications you need to qualify for employment in IT, one of today’s fastest-growing industries. You also will receive job placement services upon completing a program.  ALPs are available in locations across the country, and online. Browse the ALPs below to find the right fit for you. Apply now! Class size and availability are limited.  Coley & Associates - Front End Developer Boot CampFront-End Web Development Boot Camp will prepare you for an entry-level career in Web development.  Learn More
Full Circle Computing - Ready-4-Success in IT Boot Camp The Ready-4-Success in …
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