Job Search and Interviewing Tips

Job Search Tips

1) When using the above links search on your 
certifications, like A+, Net+, MCITP or CompTIA.

2) Use Job Placement services.

3) Network, network, network.

4) Go to Job Fairs

5) Don't limit yourself to a specific city or region 
(unless you have no other choice)

6) Apply for entry-level, then work (hard) to progress

7) Seek out an internship. Do free work on the weekend to gain experience and get a reference/referral.

8) Start your own business

Interviewing Tips

1) Plan Ahead - Do some research on the company and the job being offered. Find out if you know someone that is working there. Look into who you are interviewing with (LinkedIn).

2) Role Play - Practice interviewing with someone you trust and respect. Work on complete answers that are brief and to the point.

3) Behavioral and Situational - Two typical interview question strategies that ask you to describe situations that you have been in that demonstrate behavior. For example, describe a time when you needed to work under the pressure of a deadline? Be specific in your answers.

4) Dress for Success and Maintain Eye Contact - Error on the side of conservative. Assume your interview is with someone that expects you to wear a suit/pant suit/dress, be clean, and have proper speech. Look at them when answering.

5) Be Positive - Avoid any negative comments about prior jobs or employers.

6) Adapt and Relate - Listen carefully and adapt your presentation and answers to the situation or the company. Focus on achievements relative to the job you are applying for.

7) Don't Focus on "What's In It For Me" - Get the job, prove yourself... the benefits and the pay should follow. Oh, yes, when you get the job, come to work early and work all day (seriously!)

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To the quality counselors out there, thank you for your diligent efforts!