Uploaded on Nov 24, 2016 Cybersecurity Executive Summary The National Information Technology Apprenticeship System (NITAS) is a 21st Century apprenticeship system that reflects the state of the art in apprenticeship. The system was created jointly by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) to provide American corporations and American workers with the benefits of high productivity and economic value through voluntary participation in a nationally recognized and industry-validated system of apprenticeship. A major objective of the NITAS program is to ensure that the U.S. IT workforce possesses the required skills and offers the necessary value to be competitive in a global economy. "Apprenticeship is a value creation strategy for employers. Apprenticeship operates on a pay for performance basis" A proven training strategy NITAS contains seven apprenticeship programs. These programs are designed to ensure that the U.S. IT workforce maintains global competitive advantage across the full range of wage-proficiency price points in the labor market. This program guide describes the content, operational principles and benefits of the NITAS “Database Services” (DS) apprenticeship concentration. The guide also provides an overview of the National Information Technology Apprenticeship System (NITAS). IT workers and employer organizations can participate in NITAS by registering with the DoL, ETA Apprenticeship as a Training Methodology & Business Performance Improvement Driver 20 million CYBER ATTACKS PER DAY 144% INCREASE IN SUCCESSFUL CYBER ATTACKS ON BUSINESSES 98% WEB APPS ARE VULNERABLE TO ATTACK 90% LARGE ORGANIZATIONS REPORTED SUFFERING A SECURITY BREACH. 48% INCREASE PER YEAR FOR ONLINE BANKING FRAUD 92% OF EUROPEAN CORPORATIONS HAVE BEEN HACKED 85% OF FIRMS HAVE BEEN HACKED ACROSS ASIA, AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA 83% RESPONDENTS BELIEVE CYBER ATTACKS ARE AMONG THE 3 BIGGEST THREATS FACING ORGANISATIONS MILITARY NETWORK | LINKEDIN PRIVATE GROUP 20,000 STRONG! MILITARY NETWORK IS A Warriors PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITY OUR VISION: MENTOR COMPANION WARRIORS TOWARDS REALIZING THEIR DREAMS OUR MISSION: ACTIVELY NETWORK & INTRODUCE PARTICIPANTS WITH ONE ANOTHER, with professional & social peers, associates & acquaintances, with professional mental / physical / social specialists and with opportunities available to them toward realizing their dreams OUR GOALS: EXPLORE FOR AND FIND SOLUTIONS TO Employability, Homelessness, Substance Dependency, Suicide & Depression, Family Break-Down, Physical and Psychological, issues INCUBATE & GROW ORGANIZATIONS established towards meeting common goals Maintain and enforce an inclusive agenda towards gender, race, nationality, religious & political persuasions Live, display, defend & honor our warrior's creed of honesty, integrity, courage, determination, loyalty, pride & faith MILITARY NETWORK is a Warriors™ PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITY; where honesty, integrity, courage, determination, loyalty, pride and faith are the building blocks of life we rest upon as we address with one another, explore for and find solutions to Employability, Homelessness, Substance Dependency, Suicide & Depression, Family Break-Down, Physical and Psychological, issues. We welcome ALL Nationalities of Active & Former Military Members, Guard & Reserves, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines and Retirees; Direct Family Members along with truly Military Friendly Citizens. We find and offer 'Real Solutions' to one another Our group was INITIALLY ESTABLISHED IN FEBRUARY 2008 AND EXPANDED AND EXTENDED SERVICES with the continuing support of our members and partner group members, to the broader military related community with the intention of reducing the devastating impact of the economic, political and housing crisis on our members and seek advantage for our members to better their lives, fortunes and reputations ROBERT WILSON | PRESIDENT, MILITARY NETWORK E-Mail: | Phone:859.428.8163 Military Network - LinkedIn Robert Wilson – LinkedIn Blog Military Network Military Network Military Network If you aspire to a high-paying career in Information Technology and you need to get there faster, more effectively, and more affordably than traditional college will allow, you’ve come to the right place. - See more at: Certifications in High Demand More than any degree, specific IT certifications tell employers you have the exact skills they’re looking for. The certifications you can receive virtually ensure your employ-ability and dramatically increase your earning power. Hands-On Training with Live Online Instruction You’re never completely "on your own". Not only will you attend live instructor-led classes online, but assistance from instructors, mentors, classmates and others is only a click away. And lab-based learning gives you the hands-on experience you need. Fast Job Placement and LIFETIME Career Advancement Support Your professional development starts before your first class and you could begin working in as few as 3 to 4 months. PLUS you’ll have career advancement support for a lifetime after you graduate. Quality Assurance Our client is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) recognized by the US Department of Education and participates in Federal financial aid programs authorized under Title IV of the US Higher Education Act of 1965 and other government programs. These affiliations help assure you of a quality learning experience and help to make your education affordable. - See more at: HERE’S HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS The majority of students work full-time. Requiring that you come to a class four or five days or nights every week could be overwhelming if not impossible—even before your personal responsibilities are considered. With live online programs you can complete your certification training without leaving your home and when your schedule will allow! You’ll enjoy: Flexible Schedules. Your instruction is comprised of a combination of scheduled live, instructor-led “virtual” classroom sessions, and a library of online video presentations and lab simulations that you’ll work into your schedule when you choose. You may choose day or evening classes for your in-class training (typically 2-times a week) and work on your out of class assignments anytime you want. Earning all of the same certifications as traditional students. Access to unlimited mentoring, including group and 1-on-1 sessions to help ensure you understand and can apply the material successfully. ​ EVERYTHING you’ll need to earn your IT certification is included in the program, so there are no hidden fees or materials costs. What exactly does “everything” mean? A New Laptop Interactive Videos E-resources Reference material Practice exams Test-pass Assurance Career Advancement Training Lifetime Career Services (Placement) WHAT THIS ALL MEANS FOR YOU Upon engaging this program, you’re entering a comprehensive IT career development program that will empower you to earn the certifications and skills you need for a long and rewarding career in IT. This includes top certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, and CISCO, as well as the coveted Certified Ethical Hacker certification from EC-Council. - See more at:

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DOD Directive 8570.1 Compliance + requiring certification: U.S. State Department, FBI, FAA BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman Raytheon, SAIC

CAST 611 Advanced Penetration Testing Government & Intelligence Agencies interested in real world attack and defense in today’s complex and highly secure IT environments


Another scandal..Another scandal... There is a new investigation into alleged misconduct and improper prescriptive practices by Cincinnati VA chief of staff according to cryptic messages from the agency. At the center of the allegations is acting chief of staff is a thoracic surgeon Barbara Temeck, MD. The investigation involves prescriptive privileges and scripts written for numerous people including VISN 10 director Jack Hetrick. Hetrick recused himself from the investigation since it involves his wife... [read on] Get the rest Numerous state attorney generals are demanding that the US Department of Veterans Affairs reinstate GI Bill benefits for veterans defrauded by for-profit colleges. Attorney generals (AGs) in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington sent Secretary Bob McDonald a letter demanding restoration of GI Bill benefits. The justification is that for-profit colleges uses deceptive tactics to recruit veterans while the agency failed to verify education quality. According to Illinois AG Lisa Madigan: “Veterans earn educational benefits through their heroic service to our country… They should not return home and become targets of predatory, bogus colleges whose only interest in our veterans is to profit off them. It’s critical that our tax dollars allow student veterans to get a true education and the opportunities it provides.” The problem with the schools was that they promised veterans jobs after graduation that never materialized. In fact, those colleges provided such low quality educations that employers do not accept nor would other colleges accept them for transfer credits. Recruiters used proven psychotherapy techniques to manipulate veterans into enrolling. VA then paid benefits without verifying the claims made by such colleges. Veterans used up the benefits without the result they were promised. GI BILL RESTORATION STRATEGY The AGs are also suggesting VA adopt the following four strategies to protect veterans moving forward. According to Progress Illinois, those strategies are: Exercising current federal statutory authority to provide relief to these veterans. In cases where the VA has authorized the use of benefits contrary to its own governing statutes and regulations, federal law (38 U.S.C. §503) provides the VA discretion to offer equitable relief that would give back to the veterans full eligibility and entitlement to their benefits that they have lost from the schools’ conduct. Restoring these benefits would allow the veterans to obtain an education that will help them advance their careers. Triggering Automatic Reviews. The VA should establish that a review to exercise this discretion will automatically take place in any of the following cases: (1) when the U.S. Department of Education, a state regulatory agency, or a state attorney general takes a regulatory or enforcement action against a school; (2) when a court enters a judgment against a school, or (3) upon application by a veteran or a group of veterans alleging that an education program or college has utilized advertising, sales, or enrollment practices which are erroneous, deceptive, or misleading. Taking Proactive Steps To Provide Full and Accurate Information. The VA should take proactive steps to guarantee that veterans will be furnished full and accurate information about their education options to prevent them from enrolling in schools that employ aggressive and misleading marketing practices. Increasing Cooperation. The VA should continue and increase its support of efforts of state regulatory agencies and attorneys general in protecting veterans from misconduct. So what do you think about the plan? Should veterans receive the benefit, or harm, of their own educated choice of attending for-profit colleges? Or, should VA reinstate the GI Bill benefits of veterans defrauded? I used to be rather cynical about this, but VA does have a fiduciary duty to ensure colleges provide the quality education they promise before approving a veteran’s attendance. The past two presidential administrations were clearly asleep at the wheel while veterans were ripped off.•America's Career InfoNet helps people make better, more informed career decisions.