18-Year-Old Surprises WWII Veterans Who Have Changed His Life

Published on Nov 11, 2016 We lose around 500 WWII Veterans everyday, and 18 year-old Rishi Sharma is on a mission to hear their stories. We went with Rishi to talk with some pretty astounding WWII Vets. Then we threw them a surprise party to celebrate all that they've done for their country. These vets and soldiers have so much experience and wisdom to share. Follow this link to help Rishi accomplish his goal of interviewing one WWII Veteran every day: https://heroesofthesecondworldwar.dnt... To find out more about Rishi's organization, please visit www.heroesofthesecondworldwar.org Credits WWII Veterans: Kent Kellegrew, Richard Kinder, Tom Curtis, Arnold Seretan, Peter Conforti, and Don Seki Featuring: Rishi Sharma Director: Jacob Menache Producer: Tiffany Hutson Editor: Cassidy Damore Sound: Ian Beeuwkes Composer: Corey Hayward Audio Post-Processing: James Shumate Special Thanks: California National Guard and all those who participated in our Veteran celebration. 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Reply 5 Rogier is hier Rogier is hier1 month ago This guy should make a youtube channel and share these stories around the world. Reply 83 View all 5 replies Tor Kenneth Hagen Tor Kenneth Hagen2 days ago Here is the link. Let's subscribe to him Reply C. Novein C. Novein1 month ago My eyes got a little watery during this. I love speaking to veterans/senior citizens, I always have. They're so wise, down to earth, so willing to teach, and usually pretty funny. You can see the youth come out of them when you have a good conversation and they get to reminisce for a few minutes. Also you can tell they really appreciate your company. I'd love to see a full length film following Rishi's endeavors with these veterans. Read more Reply 43 SoulPancake SoulPancake1 month ago So beautifully said! If you'd like to check out some more of Rishi's interviews with Veterans, check out his Heroes of the Second World War youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRikw4uCjS8ck3O9Mj-N35Q Reply 5 Jake TheGardenSnake Jake TheGardenSnake1 month ago Damn gets you in the feels Reply 25 The Duffy Show The Duffy Show1 month ago Jake TheGardenSnake I know I started crying Reply 1 Rishi Sharma Rishi Sharma1 month ago Hello this is Rishi Sharma from the video, the website is www.heroesofthesecondworldwar.org Reply 54 View all 7 replies Ellen Lopez Ellen Lopez1 month ago Hi Rishi, my father was a bomber pilot in the Pacific and one of my biggest regrets is that I never got him to talk about it and tell me stories. He never said one word about it to us and now that he's gone I will never know. You are doing a wonderful thing and have a beautiful heart. Thank you. Reply 3 gary cleave gary cleave6 days ago Rishi - you rule. thanks man. good stuff. Reply chiaohong cheng chiaohong cheng1 month ago You're a good kid son. Don't stop doing it Reply 9 andslove88 andslove881 month ago ok, now I'm crying. Beautiful work. God bless. Reply 11 john perez john perez1 month ago not even my wheelies can escape these feelings! awesome video!! Reply 5 Glyn Dewis Glyn Dewis1 week ago Wonderful! Absolutely Wonderful! Reply James Thompson James Thompson1 month ago I'm not crying. There's glass and smoke, and debris or something in my eyes... Reply 7 View all 4 replies boy jenus neutronoid boy jenus neutronoid1 month ago You just googled "chemicals in tears" and copy pasted it. The first result that pops up is everything you listed in the exact order off wikipedia. Reply SpanZR CSGO SpanZR CSGO1 month ago +boy jenus neutronoid As much as I did copy and paste, I do know at least a few of those chemicals. P.S I googled in "what are tears made of". Reply Jonas Wolterstorff Jonas Wolterstorff1 month ago I think it would be very interesting to also talk to the other side, i.e. German or Japanese soldiers, because many of them were only following orders, not many are/were Nazis. Also to scrutinize the saying "history is written by the winners". Wonderful work, Rishi. Show less Reply 46 Hide replies Sebastian Tinajero Sebastian Tinajero1 month ago Jonas Wolterstorff that's a great idea I second that Reply 5 Shane Annigans Shane Annigans1 month ago I'd love to hear their stories too!! They'd be fresh, interesting and probably even more heartbreaking. Reply 1 Lilly Lilly1 month ago + Reply Canuk DTA Canuk DTA1 month ago Jonas Wolterstorff my dad lived under Nazi occupation in Holland during the second world war. He has stories about what the German enlisted men did. They're not pretty. Not to say all were bad, but to say that they were just following orders. .. some of them really enjoyed the pain and suffering they were inflicting on the subgegated people under them. That to me isn't just following orders sorry Show less Reply 2 Jonas Wolterstorff Jonas Wolterstorff1 month ago I didn't want to offend anyone or belittle the disgusting and well-known atrocities of the "wehrmacht". I merely wanted to suggest that the great nuance Rishi has demonstrated by showing the glory alongside the terror would be completed by yet another dimension. Plus, I'm a big believer of the notion that social norms are stronger than individual ethics. So embedded in a vile environment, people do things they would have never thought they'd be capable of. Also, in a war, everyone suffers... My grandfather was several years in Russia as POW and it was certainly not pretty either. Show less Reply 4 Enokenti Enokenti1 month ago (edited) I never talked about the war with my grandpa but I know he lost 3 brothers and the 4th got is jaw shot off by a sniper but survived. He was later captured by the US-army at the western front. He allways drank a lot and died couples years ago. sadly the whole story died with him. Reply Chuck McCleskey Chuck McCleskey1 month ago This is such a kind hearted and sincere gesture. You will help remind these soldiers that they are still loved and respected. Reply 4 FrostyMCmuffins FrostyMCmuffins5 days ago I'm glad I got to hear my grandfathers story he was such an amazing tough guu Reply Private Browsing, Reporting For Duty Private Browsing, Reporting For Duty3 days ago my grandfather is a German veteran who served in Russia. he was captured and sent to a gulag. where he spent 2 years Reply chocodeluxe chocodeluxe1 month ago Thank you for this beautiful piece. Reply 5 femylafi femylafi2 days ago This was done really well by a young male, and an Asian one at that. And I know it shouldn't be a big deal him being Asian, but people are quick to point out extremists, and alike, while pretending they don't see Asian like the young lad. Reply Veruc Veruc1 month ago Incredible. Thank you! Reply Narscilla Narscilla4 weeks ago If love more of this Reply Owen fairbanks Owen fairbanks1 month ago Why would people dislike this?!?!?!? Reply ABHISHEK RANJAN SRIVASTAVA ABHISHEK RANJAN SRIVASTAVA2 weeks ago Keep up the good work my friend and its really important for us all to respect our veterans irrespective of our boundaries best of luck from India Reply

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