Investigation Finds University of Phoenix Paid U.S. Military for Prefere...

Published on Jul 24, 2015 In 2012, President Barack Obama issued an executive order banning deceptive and aggressive recruiting practices by for-profit colleges, which had been targeting veterans and members of the active-duty military in an effort to capture their GI Bill money. But an investigation by Reveal’s Aaron Glantz found that by cultivating a cozy relationship with the armed forces, the school that receives the largest share of GI Bill money – the University of Phoenix – has circumvented the rules Obama put in place. The for-profit school’s strategy has included engaging in recruitment drives disguised as résumé workshops and utilizing military insignia's in school marketing without the required permissions. The strategy also has led the company to pay the military to sponsor hundreds of events on military bases across the country, from rock concerts to Super Bowl parties and father-daughter dances. You can also watch our investigation on the PBS NewsHour. COMMENTS • 4 Military Network Top comments Gil Junsen Campos 1 year ago Great video! But I feel like the idiot didn't look for other schools to get into for his masters. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business with the University of Phoenix and got accepted to Texas A&M University-Commerce for their MBA program. All credits are transferable regardless of what the media has been telling you. cof22m3 months ago But it didn't happen in this case. The gentleman had to start over. Zedek1 year ago (edited) Just a bit infuriating... Save your GI Bill benefits until you can attend a state school. For-profit Universities really aren't worth it the vast majority of the time. You don't get a higher quality education, and you certainly don't get additional recognition outside of extremely prestigious Universities. Jacob Coronel1 year ago Great video. I absolutely detest the University of Phoenix.

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