VA Illegally Denying Medical Care

Of ALL of you Veterans out there, 

how many are aware this is going on? 

How many are not? 

Please answer each question and hit submit! 


20 Questions of what you know about the 

VA Illegally Denying Medical Care!


This survey is from a Facebook group called "Problems with the Veterans Administration?" 

We have identified 25 issues with the VA that we want to solve. This Questionnaire covers only one of those issues.  

 If you want to join us and solve issue please go to our Facebook page and apply. The questions will find out what you know about veterans being denied medical care. 

You have all heard of the List Scandal. That is only on example of the VA denying medical benefits.

* 1. Did you know most veterans don't know there is a big difference on how medical benefit claims and Disability claims are handled.

* 2. Is there a way for veterans to legally fight being denied medical benefits?

* 3. Are attorneys or veteran service organizations providing legal representation for medical denial claims like they do for disability claims?

* 4. Should attorneys be provided to represent veterans if denied a medical benefit?

* 5. Should that be a veterans benefit paid for by congress?

* 6. Is there a veterans specific court system?

* 7. If an employee is caught being misleading or not telling the truth to a vet about something important to their care. Should they be prosecuted?

* 8. If employees and managers don't do what's provided by laws and directives. Should they be immediately put on unpaid leave and be fired? Even if ordered to do it by a superior.

* 9. Is the VA violating veterans Civil Rights when denying a medical benefit?

* 10. What law are they violating?

11. Did the VA Health Department put out a Directive telling all Hospital Directors what there employees and managers had to do to not violate the veterans Civil Rights?

12. Did the "list scandal" happen because the VA purposely ignored medical benefit laws and Directives?

13. Did you know the VA denying of covering the affects of Agent Orange was because the VA purposely violated the veterans Civil Rights?

14. Did you know that by not setting an appointment for a pre care physical with in 14 days from the date a vet was approved for veterans health care was a violation of veteran benefit laws?

15. Did you know that 14 day was extended to 30 day time period in the New Vets Law passed in July of 2014?

16. Did you know the appointment had to be set with in 90 day time period from the date it was made?

17. Did you know tens of thousands of veterans died while waiting to get an appointment to receive medical care?

18. Did you know even though there was a new law passed in 2014 that said appointments had to be set with in a 90 day time period. The VA is still well over that time restrictions?

19. Is the VA sending out notices when denying medical care as required by law?

20. If the VA doesn't send out a notice when denying a veteran a medical benefit. Does that violate the veterans Due-Process Rights gangrened by the Constitution?

This is for all veterans! Disabled Veterans who have served in all American Wars. The portents are shared in many different ways although these challenges are sometimes the worse part of our private lives. We are a group who refuses any help, however we also believe we deserve our VA Benefits. All Disabled American Veterans are welcome, however it is understandable that you are not getting taken care of with your disability. It is advisable to join the DAV, VFW, and or American Legion. These three organizations are there for the Disabled Veteran and they can get the paperwork completed and set you up with your VA Interview to be determine the medical help is needed. I will say that one thing you do not want to do is attempting VA to get this done NOW. It does not work this way, VA needs to set up review boards for you, HAVE YOUR PAPER COMPLETED and above all put your ATTITUDE in your back pocket. Even though I am a 100% for life, it took me almost 20 years to get my benefits. This was all caused by my DD 214 as I worked in Clandestine areas. My DD 214 showed that I served at one post in the US for 15 years. For your information there are VA Police at every VA and VA Clinics, leave your firearms, knives and other weapons at home. If you are caught with any of above mentioned you will be arrested and spend a night or more in jail waiting on court date and you could end up with a class felony on your records.

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Another scandal..Another scandal... There is a new investigation into alleged misconduct and improper prescriptive practices by Cincinnati VA chief of staff according to cryptic messages from the agency. At the center of the allegations is acting chief of staff is a thoracic surgeon Barbara Temeck, MD. The investigation involves prescriptive privileges and scripts written for numerous people including VISN 10 director Jack Hetrick. Hetrick recused himself from the investigation since it involves his wife... [read on] Get the rest Numerous state attorney generals are demanding that the US Department of Veterans Affairs reinstate GI Bill benefits for veterans defrauded by for-profit colleges. Attorney generals (AGs) in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington sent Secretary Bob McDonald a letter demanding restoration of GI Bill benefits. The justification is that for-profit colleges uses deceptive tactics to recruit veterans while the agency failed to verify education quality. According to Illinois AG Lisa Madigan: “Veterans earn educational benefits through their heroic service to our country… They should not return home and become targets of predatory, bogus colleges whose only interest in our veterans is to profit off them. It’s critical that our tax dollars allow student veterans to get a true education and the opportunities it provides.” The problem with the schools was that they promised veterans jobs after graduation that never materialized. In fact, those colleges provided such low quality educations that employers do not accept nor would other colleges accept them for transfer credits. Recruiters used proven psychotherapy techniques to manipulate veterans into enrolling. VA then paid benefits without verifying the claims made by such colleges. Veterans used up the benefits without the result they were promised. GI BILL RESTORATION STRATEGY The AGs are also suggesting VA adopt the following four strategies to protect veterans moving forward. According to Progress Illinois, those strategies are: Exercising current federal statutory authority to provide relief to these veterans. In cases where the VA has authorized the use of benefits contrary to its own governing statutes and regulations, federal law (38 U.S.C. §503) provides the VA discretion to offer equitable relief that would give back to the veterans full eligibility and entitlement to their benefits that they have lost from the schools’ conduct. Restoring these benefits would allow the veterans to obtain an education that will help them advance their careers. Triggering Automatic Reviews. The VA should establish that a review to exercise this discretion will automatically take place in any of the following cases: (1) when the U.S. Department of Education, a state regulatory agency, or a state attorney general takes a regulatory or enforcement action against a school; (2) when a court enters a judgment against a school, or (3) upon application by a veteran or a group of veterans alleging that an education program or college has utilized advertising, sales, or enrollment practices which are erroneous, deceptive, or misleading. Taking Proactive Steps To Provide Full and Accurate Information. The VA should take proactive steps to guarantee that veterans will be furnished full and accurate information about their education options to prevent them from enrolling in schools that employ aggressive and misleading marketing practices. Increasing Cooperation. The VA should continue and increase its support of efforts of state regulatory agencies and attorneys general in protecting veterans from misconduct. So what do you think about the plan? Should veterans receive the benefit, or harm, of their own educated choice of attending for-profit colleges? Or, should VA reinstate the GI Bill benefits of veterans defrauded? I used to be rather cynical about this, but VA does have a fiduciary duty to ensure colleges provide the quality education they promise before approving a veteran’s attendance. The past two presidential administrations were clearly asleep at the wheel while veterans were ripped off.

To the quality counselors out there, thank you for your diligent efforts!