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Documentary - State of the VAMC - How many more veterans need to die??????

Bob Collins
Bob Collins Senior Videographer/Photographer-Talking Parrot Productions

A Documentary on the State of the VAMC

Its documented that every day 20 veterans commit many more need to die until we get them the medical care they need. We're researching the need for a documentary showing the hardships, and difficulty's that face our wounded comrades every day.

Tell Bob your story....lets get this number to 0.

Please send all email to: :

Need 1,000 vets interested in doing documentary on VAMC!!!!!

Tell us your stories!!

City in the desert-Told of a city of Vets and families in the TX or /AZ desert,,,anyone know about this let me know!!!!

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  • As though 20 Veteran suicides per day is not alarming enough, I am curious about the source of this statistic. The last statistic I heard was approximately 22 completed suicides per day ( Will you point me in the direction of the data to support the lower estimate? Thank you.
  • Bob Collins
    Deric your response is heartfelt...probably even higher since I should think some are never reported. I could use a guy like you on the Documentary project if your up to it...finishing a bio demo to post shortly...last thing I want to do is let veterans down. God Bless!!!!

  • Thank you for the work you're doing and I look forward to the documentary. Semper Fidelis.

  • Bob Collins
    Deric, I happen to have a copy of the research that was completed in 2009, and published in 2010 that is being used to arrive at the current 2015 figure of 22 veterans per day who are committing suicide. This should make everyone stop and ask the tough questions concerning the viability of the data being used as it is at least seven years old if not older. Then again how many people die from medication errors that are called suicide when it is not a suicide. I have a video that shows this very real problem. What about the veterans who are killed when confronted by police, or suicide by cop? These are all questions that should be considered when attempting to determine how many veterans commit suicide each day. While these questions are asked there should be consideration given to what happens when a person asks a VA employee to help a veteran who is posting on social media that he wants to die on a given day. Feel free to contact me.

  • Bob Collins
    My apologies Deric, my post should have been to Bob.

  • Hey Pamela....I can only send so many private responses to people In a group a month. Could you shoot me an email

  • Bob Collins
    I will be glad to do as you have requested. This problem with the VA has to have someone speak out for as long as it continues to appear in the media as a sound bite for an election strategy rather than to resolve the problem once and for all. I will get in touch later today.

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