Michael J. Perry U.S.A.F. Ret., President, Military Network

Michael J. Perry U.S.A.F. Ret., Military Network 
& Reverend at Military Network Ministries & Co-Founder & 
President  at  Military Network, Limited


Michael Perry - Summary Bio - Military, Business and Personal
Federal Police, Military Police For Nuclear Forces Space Systems, Launch Controller & Command Control, Military Operations, Airborne and Missile Nuclear Command Control Systems, IT Security, Unix Systems and Networks Wifi & Wimax Implementations Self-Owned / Developed Businesses Overseas Contract, Management Staffing Agency, Military  Network Ltd, Director Contracts at   ASK Staffing, Inc, Human Resources & Staffing - Management oversight, Specialized in IT, IT Security Contracts and Positions, Chief Technology & Security Officer at  ATAC wireless Market Entry Strategist | Periodic Business Development International Advisor, Member American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt;Co Creator & Chief Technology Officer at INTRANET {prime Inc. Creator & President at 1st Security Global, LLC. Communications and Physical Security, Far East & Asia Regional IT Security Vice President  at   Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust & Morgan Stanley, Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Trading Systems Compliance -  Executive Projects: Single Sign On  – Human Resource People Soft Integration - $1.5m Single Sign On – Smart Card Implementation – $2.3m 1 recommendation available upon request, Senior IT Security Engineer for DoD  at   Defense Information Systems Agency, Secure & Monitor DoD Secure and Open IT Systems: U.S.A. Army Financial Systems – Huntsville AL, U.S.A Army Medical Systems - Huntsville AL U.S.A., Command Control Systems – Riyadh Saudi Arabia,  U.S.A. DoD Systems – Scott Air Force Base IL, U.S.A NASA/USAF, Eastern Space Launch IT Systems Cape Canaveral FL , Nuclear Training Non-Commissioned Officer  at USAF

Education to include Programs, Degree's / Training Courses

Master's of Theology and Religious Vocations, Theology and Religious Vocations, Engineering, IT Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, IT Forensics Engineering, Certificate, Audit & Security of Unix-Based, Operating Systems, MIS Training Institute, Audit & Security Unix Systems, Certification, AeroSpace Management  National Christian University, Master's of Theology and Religious Vocations, Theology and Religious Vocations, Society of Christian Brotherhood Social & Medical Service Advisor, PMI -  Project Management Institute, Bachelor of Science (BS) - Project & Program Management, MIS Training Institute Certificate, Audit & Security of Unix-Based Operating Systems, Defense Information Systems Administration (DISA) Certificate, Computer Emergenc, Response Team (CERT), Nertified Carnegie Mellon University Engineering, IT Engineering, 1997 - 1999 / Societies:  Forensics Investigations, University of Maryland Certifications, Federal Law Enforcement, Airbase Management, Aerospace Command Controlm Carnegie Mellon University - Certificate, Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance, University of Maryland College Park, AeroSpace Management, Activities and Societies: Airfield Management / AeroSpace Management, Community College of the Air forcE, AS, Law Enforcement, U.S Air Force Police Academy, Federal Law Enforcement, N Seattle Community College-  General Studies

Military Network



Established in December 2006 as a Professional  

Society of Warriors l grown in membership to eighteen thousand plus.

Our fraternity / society

Seek advantages for our company members - better their lives, fortunes and reputations. Seek advantages
for our company members - to better their lives, fortunes and reputations. 

We accomplish our mission to actively bring our services to businesses, peers, associates  and acquaintances, who have needs and opportunities uniquely available to our warrior’s in five primary areas: 

- Career Transition Training Program (CTTP)
- Employment Program 
- Promotions  & Marketing Program
- Social and Health Referral Program
- Education & Training Program  

Our Vision
Remains steadfast - Mentor companion warriors towards realizing their dreams. 

Our Mission
Actively bring our services to business, peers, associates & acquaintances, who have needs and opportunities  uniquely available to our warrior’s.  

Our Goals

1.  Explore for and find solutions to Education and  Employability of our Warrior’s,

2.  Enter into business with organizations to meet our common goals and  to ensure a win/win/win occurs for

everyone involved. 

3.  Ensure all Military Network Ltd., members live,  display, defend & honor our warrior’s creed of honesty,

integrity, courage, determination, loyalty, pride  & faith.

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