Tips to get recruiters to look at your LinkedIn profile
Your professional brand is a big deal, and it's more crucial to your job search than ever before. With one search, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly bring up your online presence and make snap judgments before they decide if you are worth a phone call. Cultivating a strong presence can mean the difference between having to search out job listings and having potential job opportunities come straight to your inbox.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the front runner when it comes to cultivating your professional image; it's your professional brand, letting recruiters and hiring managers find you before you find them. But what do recruiters look for on LinkedIn? And what makes a recruiter or hiring manager stop at your profile over another?

The first step is making sure you have a complete profile, "a recruiter is going to look at a complete profile versus an incomplete one, they are making decisions quickly, they want to have as much information they can have," says Catherine Fisher, senior director of corporate communications and LinkedIn's career expert.

Fisher specializes in helping people and companies build a LinkedIn profile that will attract clicks, and she has the inside scoop on the perfect recipe for a LinkedIn profile that will make recruiters stop in their tracks.


  1. Your professional brand is a big deal, and it's more crucial to your job search than ever before.

  2. Resume Trends

    Read this entire article, but here are some interesting thoughts from it:

    1. Social Resumes

    "Prospective employees have the opportunity to interact with, and sometimes befriend, hiring managers before applying for a position. Companies are increasingly likely to use social networks and your social media accounts are now the true first impression."

    2. Twitter

    "It is your opportunity to figure out what really makes you different. Brands refer to this as their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Twitter is your chance to figure out your USP and develop your personal brand. Once you’ve hooked your prospective employee with your amazing biography, then you need to link your website, resume or other professional networking site, i.e. LinkedIn."

    3. QR Codes

    "It’s not mandatory, of course, but it can be a good way to add some coolness factor to your resume and make it stand out from the crowd."

    4. Infographics

    "A picture is worth 1000 words. Infographics are popping up everywhere online and on print. Candidates most likely applying for visual or creative positions can use the popularity of infographics to highlight their qualifications and skills."

    5. Other Useful Tips

    Resumes should always be targeted, specific and quantifiable. Make sure that your resume is not only tailored to the position that you are applying to, but it should also be tailored to the company that you are applying to. Numbers, figures and percentages show what you can do. Quantifying your experience, where possible, also makes you appear more professional.

    Hate to break it to you, but the standard “References Available Upon Request” is really outdated. Instead of using that overused phrase, consider showing managers what others have to say about you in 2013. You can pull your strongest third party testimonials and put them at the very top of your resume. The easiest place to find testimonials is from LinkedIn recommendations.

    The debate of one or two page resumes continues. If you are making a resume that is tailored to that specific job description and company, then hiring managers can overlook the length. Edit your resume where necessary. Hiring managers are busy and have limited time. An important tip is to make sure that your resume is readable on a computer and another mobile device.

    Try reading your resume on a phone or tablet because hiring managers can quite possibly be reviewing your resume on a mobile device. Readability with bullets, bold fonts and short paragraphs matter more than resume length.


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